Arts Award

Use your participation in Cinema Club to get an Arts Award

The Arts Award supports young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification at three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Achieving an Arts Award shows your commitment to your art form, your interest in developing your skills and understanding, your communication, planning and evaluation skills. It demonstrates skills in leadership, as well as your own arts practice.

One of the unique aspects of the Arts Award is its flexibility. Whatever art form you’re interested in, wherever you are, whatever your individual circumstances or ability, the Arts Award can fit your needs. There are no entry requirements, no time limits on completing the award and no hard rules on how you present your work. Find out more at:

When you have completed the award, a moderator will assess your work. The moderation fee currently is as follows:

  • Bronze:            £25.00
  • Silver:              £31.00

The Bronze Arts Award

The Bronze Arts Award is a level one qualification, and has one unit – Enjoying the Arts. The award involves taking part in the arts, going to arts events, researching an arts hero or heroine and sharing your skills with others.

You record your achievements in a portfolio, including records of arts work you have seen and been part of, your personal reflections on the process and your own research material. You can choose how you present your portfolio – you might make a folder or sketchbook, or a video diary or website.

The Silver Arts Award

The Silver Arts Award has two units – Arts Practice and Arts Leadership. The award involves completing an arts challenge, reviewing arts events, researching arts careers and pathways, and leading arts activities. The Silver Arts Award is a Level 2 qualification on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

You record your achievements in a portfolio, including records of work you have seen and produced, your personal reflections on the process and your own research material. This can be presented in a way that suits you, from a book or folder to a video diary or website.

Unit 1 Arts Practice

There are three parts to the Arts Practice part of the Silver Arts Award:

Arts challenge: Set yourself a challenge in your favourite arts activity through discussion with your adviser. Plan how to achieve your goal.

Arts events: Review a show, exhibition or event and share your opinions with others.

Arts research: Find out about arts activities in your area and beyond, research arts training and jobs.

Unit 2 Arts Leadership

For the arts leadership section of the Silver Award you plan and deliver an arts project as an individual leader for a specific area of activity, working under professional supervision. You might decide to organise an arts event as part of a team (eg exhibition, concert, gig, performance, screening, website launch).  Or you might decide to run a club, workshop or rehearsal (a one-off or a series).  Or you might decide to work one-to-one to develop the skills of another person.