Holiday Workshops

Welcome to the Holiday Workshop page, where you can find information about both film workshops and other activities taking place at Sawston Village College during holiday periods. You can also see films made in previous workshops.

There are currently no workshops on offer.


All the films below are from Film School workshops. These workshops have been led by professional filmmakers.

Sculpting with Light (Four-day Workshop – Summer 2016)

Sculpting with Light from Sawston Cinema on Vimeo.

Superhero Smack-Down (One-day Workshop – Summer 2016)

Superhero Smackdown Summer 2016 from Sawston Cinema on Vimeo.


Shift Matter (Two-day Movie Challenge – Summer 2015)

Superhero Smackdown (Summer 2015)

The Super Monsters and the Crocodile (Summer 2013 Make Me a Movie Monster Workshop)

Monster Goodness (Summer 2013 Make Me a Movie Monster Workshop)

Animated Superhero SmackDown Summer 2013

Don’t Trust (Summer 2013 Movie Match Workshop)

Mr Clumsy and Catgirl (Summer 2013 Movie Match Workshop) 

The Monster Hunter (Summer Workshop)

The Story of Earth (Summer Workshop)

Adventure Quest (Easter 2012)

Superhero Smackdown: Cargonia vs The Grapes (Easter 2012)

Superhero Smackdown: Hamster Man vs The World (Easter 2012)

Superhero Smackdown: Mapple vs Super Steel (Easter 2012)

Movie Monster: Worm Medusa (Easter 2012)

The films below are from workshops which took place at Sawston Village College during the February half-term 2012.

Adventure Quest



Make Me a Movie Monster presents… THE GOOD OLD DAYS

Make Me a Movie Monster presents…THE FOUR DEMONS

Make Me a Movie Monster presents… FREAKS