Cinema Club

Sawston Cinema Club started in 2008. The Club was initially started as a meeting place for young people from Sawston Village College who were interested in operating Sawston Cinema for the community. The idea was that young people would learn about projection and all the different front-of-house operations so that they could programme and run cinema screenings.

However, it soon became clear that the young people who had joined the Club were interested in more than just running the cinema – they also wanted to make their own films and see them screened in Sawston Cinema.

Since filmmaking became a major activity of the Club, young people from Sawston Village College have been engaged in various film projects and have enjoyed a fruitful partnership with professional filmmakers, as well as some considerable success with their films.

In the margin on this page, you can find links to some of the films – OUR FILMS – and some of the projects which have taken place at Sawston Cinema Club.

Also, to join Cinema Club, please go to the page for the relevant academic year.

Watch ASPIRE 2 here!

ASPIRE 2 is a short film which was conceived, written and scripted by pupils at Sawston Village College, working in partnership with professional film-maker, Simon Panrucker.  The result is an exceptional film of which everyone is rightly proud. The school is grateful to South Cambridgeshire Decorative and Fine Arts Society for supporting this project.